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Total Ultraviolet Radiometer

Model TUVR

The Total Ultraviolet Radiometer is a rugged, relatively simple detector for the measurement of solar UV radiation. Ease of operation combined with performance accuracy comparable with pyranometers intended for the recording of the total short-wave radiation (0.295 to 0.385 µm) make this instrument an attractive instrument for UV measurement.

This instrument utilizes a hermetically sealed selenium barrier-layer cell which is protected by a quartz window. It is operated at low light levels and under conditions of minimum electrical current drain, in order to ensure a high degree of performance stability over lengthy periods of exposure. A specially designed teflon diffuser not only reduces the radiant flux to acceptable levels but also provides close adherence to the Lambert cosine law. An encapsulated narrow bandpass (interference) filter limits the spectral response of the photocell to the wavelength interval 0.295 to 0.385 µm, with negligible secondary transmission.

The unit is of brass construction and includes adjustable leveling screws and a circular spirit level

A calibration certificate traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is included.

CLICK HERE to download Specifications [PDF]

Sensitivity: approx. 150 μV / Wm-2
Impedance: approx. 1500 Ohms.
Temperature ± 0.3% / °C over ambient
Dependence: temperature range -40°C to +40°C
Linearity: ± 2% from 0 to 70 Wm-2
Response Time: milliseconds
Cosine: ± 3.5% from normalization 0-70° zenith angle
Mechanical Tested up to 20 g’s
Vibration: without damage.
Calibration: Reference Eppley Secondary Standard group of UV Radiometers
Size: 5.75″ diameter, 6.75″ height.
Weight: 6 pounds.
Orientation: Performance is not affected by orientation or tilt.