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Automatic Solar Tracker

Model SMT

The Eppley Automatic Solar Tracker, Model SMT was developed to allow convenient automatic pointing of normal incidence solar radiation measuring instruments (sNIP , AHF) at the sun. Due to its robust design, users have continued to expect solar trackers to do more and more and the SMT does not disappoint. Eppley offers an optional Shade Disk Kit that allows for shading and ventilation of pyranometers and pyrgeometers. During intercomparisons, it is common to see four or more AHF Cavity Radiometers on a single tracker.

CLICK HERE to download Specifications [PDF]

Environment Conditions
Latitude -90 to +90
Please notify us if used in the Tropic Zone
Operating Temperature -50ºto +80ºC
Operating Humidity 0-100% RH
Operating Wind Speed 0-70 mph
Physical Specifications
Tracker Weight 70 lb
Tracker Dimension 16″ height by 18″ diameter
Mounting Tripod stand included
Input Power 110 VAC or 220 VAC please specify
Power Consumption 100 W
Pointing Precision 0.01875º per step
Pointing Accuracy <1º monthly
Software/Hardware Included in the price.